The Dog Dazer II

The Dog Dazer II
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This is the most powerful and widely used ultrasonic dog deterrent/dog whistle on the market!

The ultrasonic Dazer II Slient Dog Whistle is a very effective dog deterrent, barking dog deterrent, dog training and dog stop device. The Dazer produces a fixed high frequency ultrasonic sound that will force aggressive dogs to keep their distance. The dazer is most effective at 15ft or closer but has been tested up to even 75ft away with some dogs depending on the canines ability to hear.

- Joggers

- Bicyclists

- Letter Carriers

- Delivery People

- Inspectors 

- Walkers

- Meter Readers

- Sales People

- Police

- Fire/Rescue


Using the Dog Dazer II is simple. Simply point the device toward the aggesive or barking animal and push the button with your thumb in a 2 or 3 second burst. The dog should look confused and startled when it hears the noise immediately losing any incentive to come closer.


Non Harmful Yet Effective!


The Dazer ultrasonic dog whistle sends out a sound that is not physically harmful to the canine and is above the human range of hearing. The Dazer is a humane substitute for pepper spray or mace which can often backfire on the user especially in windy conditions.


The Dazer silent whistle dog deterrent or dog training device is a unique and highly effective product that is required in many market segments, such as meter readers, phone/tv installers, mail carriers, city inspectors, water delivery, joggers, and bicyclists.


In addition to stopping an aggressive dog from approaching, The Dog Dazer Silent Whistle can work as a dog training device for your own canine. Use the Dazer repeatedly following it with a verbal command such as "No" or "Quiet" to train out behavior problems such as barking or entry into restricted areas.


This is a great alternative to hitting your dog with a newspaper or your hand (these methods have been proven to cause emotional and social problems in many dogs) You'll notice how much easier it is to train no matter how stubborn your dog is.




I've only had to use my dazer one time, but I was glad I had it with me when I did. I was on a walk down the street that I live on out in the country. Most dogs aren't behind a fence where I live. A dog began barking and running toward me as I was in the street. I pulled out the dazer, pointed and pushed the button and the dog immediately stopped. I pushed the button again and the dog turned around and walked off looking back to make sure I wasn't coming for him! Great Product. Thanks.

Isaac, Veneta OR