Deer Repeller Pro

Deer Repeller Pro
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The #1 deer repeller on the market. Guaranteed to eliminate your deer problem.

-Permanently keep deer away from your yard or garden.

-High pitch sound waves that only deer can hear chase them away for good.

-No chemicals or sprays. Just turn it on and begin repelling deer.

-Limited supply of deer repellers in stock at $69.99.

Don't mess with chemicals or messy sprays. We've experienced great results at getting rid of deer problems with the Deer Repeller Pro. Laboratory tests have proven this yard protector is highly effective for deer control. This electronic yard protector uses adjustable, powerful ultrasonic sound waves to scare deer and keep them away from your yard.

How it works: The ultrasonic sound waves coming out of the unit create a very high pitch, high sound pressue environment that is incredibly uncomfortable and annoying to deer. The sound is inaudible to humans. Because of the noisy environment, deer look for other, quieter areas to forage.

Setup is simple: Just plug the unit in or insert 4 "C" batteries (unit can only be run on motion sensing mode when running on batteries), point the unit so that its coverage area is protecting the space you're trying to keep deer away from, set the knob to the deer setting and turn the unit on.

The ultrasonic sound waves will immediately project out from the unit creating an invisible protection area where deer will have no desire to habitate. This Deer Repellent is humane, effective and ideal for yards & gardens. It will cover up to 4,000 square feet (oval pattern, 80 feet out from unit and 50 feet wide). It's dual power-source capable (any standard 110 electrical plug or 4 "C" batteries) and the Deer Repeller Pro is designed for outdoor use and has a waterproof casing.

For best results, combine the Deer Repeller Pro with our Scent Granules listed below.

Try it for yourself. Discover the safer, easier way to handle your deer problem for good. And if you don't think it works, send it back. Your money will be cheerfully refunded.


  • Built-in motion sensor activates when deer moves into coverage zone (approx 35 ft.)
  • Can be set to "always on" when plugged in. Deer are continuously assaulted with annoying sound.
  • 30 ft extension cord plugs into standard 110vAC outlet
  • Also uses 4 "C" batteries for use in areas where there is no 110vAC power
  • Unit switches to battery power when there is a power failure
  • Rugged ABS plastic design
  • Easy to use control settings
  • Waterproof: Includes plastic rain cover with mounting tab
  • Environmentally safe
  • Maintenance-free
  • Laboratory tested
  • Six month manufacturer warranty

Technical Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 6.75" x 5.25" x 3.5"
  • Coverage: 4000 Square Feet
  • Motion sensor range: 35 x 70 feet
  • Frequency range: 15,000 - 25,000 Hz
  • Sound Pressure: 90dB @ 3 ft
  • UL/CUL, CE EPA listed


The Deer are staying away. Before we started using this product the deer were eating our plants. It was so irritating to look out and see that they had once again chewed all the leaves off our plants. After plugging this in, we haven't had any problems with the deer eating our plants. I have ordered another for the front area of our house. I recommend this highly.
-S. Martinez, High Country, AZ 

They said it wouldn't work but they were wrong!!!  Deer Gard works great. I read another review that said to use AC not batteries so I took the advise. I have deer in my forest not a 100 feet from my plantings around my house. Since I started using the Deer Gard the deer haven't eaten any of my plants, even the roses! All our friends said nothing would keep the deer away except maybe a dog. They were all wrong.

-D. Landtbom, San Pablo, CA 

Works great! This product has works great! I have tried many sprays and other products to keep the deer out of my gardens. This is the first thing that really kept them away. It is easy to set up and use. It blends into the landscape quite nicely, and is not intrusive. The deer no longer graze in my yard, eating all my flowers. They decided to graze elsewhere!

-K. Morel, US